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By boshkash1151
#74530 I am trying to control a led strip of 15 5mm leds through the Esp01, but the led strip is dimmed.

My configuration is as follows:
-AS1117 voltage regulator from 5v to power the esp01
- mosfet is irl540 controlled by gpio2
- gpio2 is pulled up with 10k to the 3.3v
- gpio0, rst, Chen, vcc are connected directly to 3.3v

Please advise
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By btidey
#74612 What is the LED strip? What voltage are you connecting LED strip to?

The Mosfet you are using is a reasonably low threshold device which typically should turn on reasonably well with the 3.3V logic, but the data sheet only gives a RDS-On rating with a 4V gate voltage so there is no guarantee.
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By boshkash1151
#74638 The LED strip is a custom made strip of 15 LED rated at 20mA and 2.8V forward voltage each.

I was able to solve the problem by replacing the MOSFET which seems that it has been faulty.

I need help with making the GPIO2 boot as LOW instead of HIGH needed to boot the ESP01 in normal running mode

Thanks a lot for your help