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By davecason
#74543 Holy crap ....

So I "had" a Wemos D1 Mini WiFi Development Board working great .....!

It's a Wemos D1 Mini WiFi Development Board Micro USB 3.3V Based On ESP-8266EX 11 Digital Pin
It’s a basic = ESP8266 ESP-12

It "was" on it's own fixed IP ( inside my network getting it from the on-board config section of the on boards web server. I also set the NTP pool and both "devices" - it had two DS18B20's chugging away and it was great.

However, I couldn't see it from outside my network in the real world from my phone or a buddy's PC or anyplace really, just on a PC inside (bloody AC68U Asus router maybe?) Anyway furgetaboutit ....

- so let's go back to the DHCP assigned address from the Asus router and maybe then it'll let me get out past the damm router in to the real world, we'll try that !

- do you think I can figure out how to get the little bugger back off it's internal address even tho the little sod NOW has the .55.120 hard coded back on the on board config section?

NO !! ( dammit - grin !!! )

The SSID for my domain is still in there and so is the WPA Key is in, etc. The ESP IP and the ESP Gate and Subnet and DNS are all in there too, but no joy the little bugger won't go there, it just sits on it's own internal 4.1 even after two flashing of ESP_Easy_mega-20180302_normal_ESP8266_4096 out of desperation.

I think this stuff is child-proof ... (grin) .... so where am I screwing up?

So ... Out of the box - program it up - bounce it once - after it powers up - AP mode - find it broadcasting
on the tablet - point it at my router and give it my WPA key - bounce it again - there is the router giving it a IP - happy camper mode originally - next - take it off DHCP - hard code it to 55.120 in the on-board config just for some tests - working fine again - now back the DHCP assignment from to the router ..... NOPE! DOH ! :mrgreen:

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By davecason
#74586 AH HA !

Got the bugger ..... it's now getting it's internal IP 55.120 and no longer pulling its default

Now problem 2 - even if I put the puppy in my DMZ on the Asus router you can't see it at all from outside.
It works briefly and you can see it from a phone or remote PC but then it disappears ....

I've pulled it back inside and created a rule in the router for it's address and port 80 but is that the right port?
I don't mind opening up the whole thing temporally if it'll help, any suggestions?